Jason Paul Charvat – Views on His Boys

The role of fatherhood has never been harder for dads out there.  As a dad, Jason Paul Charvat has always ensured he made a positive, lasting influence in his sons’ lives –as we sat with the famous author and writer, he spoke at great length about his views on parenting. Jason Paul Charvat is the father of Matthew Charvat and Kenneth Charvat, who he saw grow into true men of integrity –my belief is that we have to fight the counterfeit sources of wisdom instilled in our culture.  Today it is far too easy to get ridiculed or criticized for teaching ones sons the true lessons and values in life. It takes courage and boldness to speak truth to your boys, about life, about expressing views and that’s exactly what I did” Charvat states,as we interviewed him on raising his kids. He shared with us some of his guiding thoughts about his boys:

“Get involved with your kids and Do courageous things”–Charvat states. Throughout your life, you will face times when you are scared.  But as my boys know, they were far from alone.  I was always there for them, behind the scenes and in the frontline. No one is immune to this experience.  Both cowards and heroes face fear.  My boys’ responses to fear and uncertainty, however, have defined who they have become.  With courage, my kids do what’s right regardless of what’s popular and this has kept them out of harm’s way.  And as their courage expands, so too will their depth of character.  I am highly optimistic that both my guys will build their lives upon a foundation of courage and respect for their families and children. To give you some examples, taking their first plunge into the open sea scuba diving, or skating down a vertical ramp on their skateboard or even taking their surfboards into shark infested waters, to me was courageous. When I see my boys do that, I know they had courage and will continue to impress me. Take them places! Inspire them. I recall the time they both were into surfing and when it came time to plan the next vacation, Southern California was the place. They planned and surfed every day, building up their love of the water. We drove many hours touring all the surf locations – often venturing into places others simply would not want to go to.
CL4Advice about getting a Job – I recall fondly having this conversation with my boys that you need to do something you are passionate about. We don’t always know what we are going to do in life and likely they will make a few changes, and for sure there will be some bumps along the way and that’s okay. My wish for my sons are to get a few passions in their lives and pursue them. Perhaps there is a job within that for them. And when you find it, be willing and able to work harder than the person next to you. Be smarter, think of new ways of doing things and have the wisdom. Work both smarter and harder.

Hanging out with the Right crowd – If you hang out for a long time with someone who has a different value system than you, either you will change or he will change.  It’s that simple. When my boys were growing up, I made sure they knew the difference between choosing the right friends and avoiding the wrong friends. The people you spend lots of time with will influence the choices you make and the actions you take today and tomorrow.  This is my prayer for my sons: associate with the wise and become wise.  Become an influence for godliness upon others. The bad friends will always be in it for self-gain and likely will lead you into trouble.

Love and Money – The message I always tried to convey to my sons was this, what’s more important – love or money? It’s the same as me saying what’s more important – you left leg or your right leg? They both are. Wealth is not about what you spend or what you earn. It is about what money you have and how happy you are. Most of those people you see spending a lot are spending someone else’s money, or they are spending all of theirs. In either case if you feel you earned it – spend it on a great cause or something for yourself. Learn to respect yourself, love yourself, be comfortable with the person you are. Only then can you feel peace. As my sons grew up, I noticed this in both of my boys and wish that my sons learn to love themselves, as they are great boys.


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