Jason Paul Charvat – Awards and Recognition

An experienced IT Project, Program and Portfolio Executive, Jason Paul Charvat has worked tirelessly for over a decade to ensure that every project and program he is assigned to is completed on time and within budget, all while exceeding the client’s expectations. His knowledge of solution design and development is exceptional, as is his desire to produce the best results. His dedication to excellence has made him a shining light among his peers, and for that he has been rewarded and recognized at various points in his career. Back in 2000 Jason achieved President Club within his consulting group RCG Global Services and soon allocated to their top tier list of accounts. Within the same amount of time he was soon published by John Wiley & Sons in New York – launching two hardcover publications globally.


In 2010, The International Association for Project & Program Management awarded Jason Paul Charvat with their Distinguished Fellow award. The award was given as part of the Association’s recognition of Charvat’s outstanding efforts in promoting IT Project, Program and Portfolio design and development across the globe. On his part, Jason has done a lot for the profession by launching multiple campaigns in the Middle East & North Africa, Asia Pacific and North America regions.

Additionally, as part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Device division, Jason Paul Charvat’s work in the IT projects and program implementation space did not gone unnoticed. In July 2012, and in May 2013, he was recognized with two separate Standards of Leadership by the organization’s CIO for leadership on key multi-year HR IT Optimization & Transformational Programs.

Most recently, Charvat was recognized by the Animas Corporation for his work on an Order To Cash software solution for assisting Type 1 diabetic patients. Thisrequired Program Leadership for a multi-year complex global program. The project was aimed at providing solutions to diabetic patients and medical institutions.


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