Jason Paul Charvat, Certified Project Director

Jason Paul Charvat is a certified Project executive that is currently employed as the Senior Global IT Project, Program, and Portfolio Executive for the Johnson & Johnson Corporation in Jacksonville, Florida. Charvat serves in the Medical Device division where he is responsible for planning, strategizing, executing and developing project management approaches to ensure projects are completed faster, more accurate on budget and quality. Charvat has held this last position since 2007 and has been with the company since 2003. In that timeframe, he has overseen and managed over one hundred and thirty five (135) projects, and has maintained a 95 percent success rate on his delivery. This volume of success speaks to Charvat’ leadership skill and capabilities, as information technology projects are notorious for scope creep, budget over runs and schedule slippages.


Charvat runs a disciplined operation that requires proper forecasting, tools, training of staff and maintaining his view on customers expectations – and this is a big part of his formula for success. Charvat employs technically superior techniques and experience to forecast these projects, then uses a litany of sophisticated project management professionals and principles and best practices to ensure projects are accomplished on time and on budget. Johnson and Johnson is a large organization as one might imagine, and as with most Fortune 50 organizations, requires flexibility, innovation and process-redesign to address the many moving pieces at any given time. It is for these reasons that Charvat is recognized as being a global project executive.


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